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Welcome to The Site for
"Off Track Thoroughbred"
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North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association (NETSA)
Owners of Thoroughbreds and Half Thoroughbreds

NETSA's Mission

NETSA was formed with the specific goal of providing opportunities for new careers for the Off Track Thoroughbred, (OTTB).
North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association

http:// 2013_NETSA_PRIZE-LIST.pdf


The Annual North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association
Horse Show - Sunday October 12, 2014
on the Grounds of Saddle Rowe in Medway, MA

Open to Thoroughbreds, OTTB's, and ½ Thoroughbreds 
The Jockey Club 
Thoroughbred Incentive Program Affiliated!

CASH AWARDS, Trophies, Prizes, Coolers!
NETSA Welcome Our 2013 Title Sponsors! 
* $500 Suffolk Downs Grand Hunter Classic
* $500 GGT Footing SR Jumper Stake
* $500 JR Jumper Stake

$100 High Point Suffolk Downs OTTB Alum Award
$100 High Point Mass Bred OTTB Alum Award
$100 High Point CANTER OTTB Alum Award

In order to participate in a T.I.P. class or be eligible for a T.I.P. award, owners and riders must obtain a T.I.P. Number.
Please click HTTP://WWW.tjctip.COM/ to apply for a T.I.P. Number. 
The T.I.P. number card should be provided to participating horse shows as proof of eligibility.


This is the place for answers and information about the multi talented
Off Track Thoroughbred horse,
better known as the "OTTB".

An OTTB help and answers Ebook!


A new Ebook for OTTB Owners!

An Ebook for OTTB Owners by
Melody Taylor-Scott



"I enjoyed the Ebook very much as it gave me a lot of insight into some of the behaviors of my horse. I had not realized how differently OTTB’s are trained, worked and ridden, compared to life at a barn with their own rider."




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There is no such thing as
"Just a Horse"!

This site is meant as a center to gather knowledge, training help, news, tips on maintaining your OTTB, resources available on the internet and a meeting place for all people who are, or want to become, involved with Off Track Thoroughbreds.

Have questions about some aspect of bringing home your new OTTB ? Or perhaps how to go about contacting a trainer at your local race track to purchase one for yourself? Maybe you need some suggestions on how to begin the first training steps for your particular discipline? This is the site to help you find the answers.

And Their Off!

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